Developer API

The Pretzil API allows developers to send us a "ping" from their application about the time, location, device and app being used. We use this data to boost your app's rankings in our system and get you more exposure. We will also share this data in analytics, coming soon to a developer dashboard near you.

Method GET
Access Level API Developer
Authentication API Key
Required Parameters api_key - The application specific key
Optional Location Parameters* long - longitudinal coordinate string
lat - latitude coordinate string
Optional GSM Location Parameters* mcc - Mobile Country Code
mnc - Mobile Network Code
cell_id - Cell Tower ID
lac - Locatin Area Code
Optional CDMA Location Parameters* mcc - Mobile Country Code
sid - System ID
nid - Network ID
bid - Base Station ID
curl Example
curl -d api_key=YOUR_API_KEY -d lat=53 -d long=135

* Note:

Supplying location parameters is optional, but highly encouraged. Applications that send a ping with these parameters will be better discovered on Pretzil. With location included in ping, we can promote your application based on where it is popular and allow for greater discovery.